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ooling dem■and and allowing● producers◆ to put more ○products in sto○rage. The p■rice decrease for● raw materials, e●specially for〓 TVs and air cond●itioners, has lowere◆d manufact●uring costs■.Dong Guifeng●, Qingdao Su◆ning, says, "the pr●ice of copper● fe

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lls to 27-thousan●d yuan per ton○ from 70-thousan〓d yuan per ton. ○The cost of ai?/p> image

鰎 conditio○ners has fallen by a○n average of two hu〓ndred yuan●."Market competi■tion is expected to● heat up afte◆r March. It's als■o set to ben◆efit consumers ●and incres◆e consumpti○on. BEIJING, Feb. 1 ○(Xinhua) -◆- For 10 years,● the most v●aluable hou●sehold applia◆nce in he

rdsman Cha●olu's home i■n north Chin●a's Inner M●ongolia was the ■14-inch TV s○et, purchas■ed when he ear〓ned about 4,00〓0 yuan (580 U.S. ●dollars) a 〓year. "I could ●not bring myse●lf to buy a ne〓w TV set, a◆lthough the old● one often ●failed to work pr〓operly. I had to ■support a family● with very● little money." Now〓 the old TV has■ been replaced● by a 26-inch LCD○ color set. "◆The new TV set l●ooks great○. Sharp images an●d good

sound mak■e it worth the

count of 〓up Justo

m◆oney," says Chaol〓u, 33, who paid 1◆,950 yuan ■(285 U.S. 〓dollars) for the se◆


t in Taipusi ●Banner, Xilin■guole League, ○two days befo〓re last month's L●unar New Year hol●iday. He also ●enjoyed a ○13-percent◆ subsidy, 〓worth 253 yuan,■ from the governmen●t. "With t〓he money saved,■ I could bu■y more than◆ 10kg of mutton○. It looks as i●f the gove●rnment has■ sent me a special○ gift for the Spr●ing Festiv■al." SPREAD 〓NATIONWIDE China p○iloted the su●bsidy sche●me for farmers■ buying desi○gnated brands o◆f col

or TV se●ts, refrigera●tors and mobile p◆hones in the thr●ee agricultu●ral provinces of ◆Shandong, He●nan and Sichu○an, as well ○as Qingdao Ci◆ty from Dece〓mber 2007 t◆hrough May 2008. The●y totaled 197 ■types of a■ppliances. Th◆e prices we〓re capped at 2●,000 yuan for a◆ color TV set, 2,5◆00 yuan for a refr◆igerator and 1,●000 yuan f●or a cell phone.● The 13-pe■rcent subsidy ■was split 8●0-20between the cen〓tral and local gover■nmen

ts respective〓ly. Each ru

r○al household was al○lowed to purchase t○wo items from eac■h category ■and could ●claim the sub●si

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. Th〓e glob

d exports half i〓ts production ●every year, said ○Zeng Xiaoan of the● Ministry o●f Finance (MOF○). "Now, th○e government will gi◆ve farmers t◆his benefit to i■mprove their 〓quality of l■ife and to■ stimulate sluggish◆ rural consumption○," said Zeng. The go●vernment e■xpanded the sch●eme to 14 ○provinces, autono●mous regions an

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d mun○icipalitie■s and include〓d washing machin●es capped at 2,000 ●yuan in Dece○mber 2008. Coverin●g 53 percent of th●e rural population, 〓the scheme will r●un till 20●12. "The rebat○e made me resolve ●to spend 1,950 y●uan on a n〓ew TV," said Chaolu.○ On February 1■, Ch

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